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Friday, 28 March 2014

Lecture with Si | the fragrance brief - towards success

Really go back as a team and look at what is acquired from you.
The opportunity, consumer trends. Industry expertise, legislation, defining your consumer.
Demonstrating the gap in the market 
Bringing your consumer to life

The idea. 
Brand, positioning, identity ( name, logo, colours.)
Essence (brand wheel) 
- trying to engage with brand. 
- spend my time looking over the idea and finding out how you can bring it to life.

Key words for idea:
- original 
- different
- credible
- timely ( content in the world ATM) looking at trends WGSN
- exciting

| Innovation, differentiation, passion |

Price and place
Market - options - future proof : where are we going to be valued in? Speciality 

- Place
Markets - partners - online : understand your market 

Fit in but stand out in a crowded marketplace
Creating a story

Video and magazine advert ( collaboration, bringing people in)
Art direction
Post production 
| looking into your expertise and others |

Keep referring to the learning outcomes. 

- understanding the market and society, where are we at this particular moment in this industry. 
EU regulations are changing so fragrance are changing, people want to know about provenance. Connecting it to the world

- looking back at theory and reading textbooks. Critical analyze, about going back and dig deep about what it is the core proposal. Deeper research

- being timely understanding innovation, tech, what's moving forward. What can go that's going to be really interesting.

- referencing properly, creditable. 

Knowledge and understanding
- making sure you are taking responsibility for credibility 
- making it work visually, making a piece of work stand out
- making ideas credible 
- show working progress, how have you come from here to the finished results. Show your journey.
How you move forward and show your progress 
Using your software skills, good printing, type and proof reading. 
Making it personal and bring it to life.

Be: different, innovative, adventurous, challenging, brave, engaging, proven, inspiring.

Watch.. TedTalks

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