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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Guest Lecturer with Steven Wallis | taste billion

Starting up a business is a full time job, have to be on it 24/7
What is Taste Billion? 
Tastes billion is a Promise for clients of how to make a product come to life with taste and flavours.  
Brings together semiotics, help brands to shape cultural insights.
It's one thing to produce in sight, the key is to bring and connect your idea with the consumer, how are your consumers going to love it? 
Graduated from saint martins, went into brand strategy with food and design. 
Great to change the media you work with, bring in different people based in different areas to help your idea come alive. 

Influence to take into consideration : 
Brand - equity/ DNA / positioning/ premise

- Transform tangible ideas into intangible realities. 
- Research semiotics for British Heritage / Islands

Theirs primary insight methodology : semiotics 
The process of decoding sensory stimulus to build a hypothesis, bring culture to make a visual from apps, food, culture, magazines, typography.

Semiotics is all about meaning and decoding that meaning, whether it's design, a message etc, has a cultural anchor. Trends looks more at the femmeral ideas and concepts becomes mainstream. Residual ( yesterday / today / dated) Dominant - Emergent

Equity pyramid : 
Purpose - Equity Statement - Point of difference - Brand character

Look at Pleasure with Philadelphia, 
Creative & activation > ideation > touch point activation > innovation > creative strategy and recoding

The main key things is rooting ideas and bringing it together. Look at different concepts categories to build ideas also look at areas of promotion

Synthesis part : collate a wall of ideas from tear sheets or what not, to help start build a relationship.. Then think can you fit a consumer need? a cultural need? Then build up to create a idea and desire.


Lab series project - like Clinique for men 
Less of a beauty product more of a lifestyle needs. 

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