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Friday, 7 March 2014

Seminar with Tim and Steven Wallis | case studies

1. Honesty
2. Purity
3. Indulgence - link to perfume 
4. Sensuality
5. Tradition 
6. Heritage 
7. Kitsch
8. Wit
9. Desire 

- Product, innovation and humor 
Reassurance, playful and curiosity, nostalgia, timelessness, mother love (cocoon, safety)
Smart packaging, making it look cool and a form of expression. 
Integrity and transparency - where brands become more honest - portray a mum friendly feel.

Consider font and colour palettes. 
Out of sector ideas and bring it into your own sector.  

Virtual reality - world of new young generation, 3D life, 
Vivid colors - exotic fruits
Black - dark, sultry, forbidden
Recoded world - fresh, re invented, modernist. 
Playfulness - fun, carefree, energy, noisy, 
Art & counterculture - street art, collision with music and style

(Watch Blingring)
- Check out Absolute, the history of the brand for reflective journal

In our research boards, be more critic about the issues in the perfume market.

Key consideration is the equity pyramid, what's the brands purpose? Take this and interpret it.
Define our key words and narrative for out brand, we need to consider 5/8 words to describe our brands DNA. 

| For next Thurs :  | 
Identify 5 key words for our brand, find a recipe out of those words to create a tone of voice for our brand, investigate those words and what their meanings are.

Look at all the ways the word can be used. 
Look at historical context, can be key images, icons and importance, symbols 

Rethink of interpretations I.e characteristics of 'Fresh' - links to emotions and feelings
Cultural references, think about their difference and how the product can be used in both markets.

What can it stretch to become? What can it involve into in a few years time? 
 Empowerment | self help, strong! taking control, evolving who you are, confidence. 

- Using artistic ways to show cultural reference. 

Stereotypes and roles, the colour of pink, emotional insecurity, celebrity obsessed, glamour obsession. Take the common trend into a post modern approach. Women are powerful figure heads. 
Art + Fashion 

Bridget jones - typical British woman 

From and to : 

Indulgence -
Galaxy / woman by herself
Spa days / wowcher
Twinings teas / contemporary fruit teas.. Lost heritage 
M&S ad campaigns / rich supermarket product, object of desire. 
Tend to be woman in media, women are represented by. 

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