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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Seminar with Tim | 11th March

1. Deconstruct
Think about what was on their mood boards to construct the final piece. What was pinned on the inspirational board.
Learn how to see trend in backgrounds and devices in the image, look at historical references. 
Start grabbing images from the internet that illustrate the campaign you have chosen, what was your visual inspiration? 

2. Build a story
What do you imagine the narrative implies in the story. Get into the heart of the image, pick at the layers.

Exotic Queen/Goddess, that's from another world.. Jungle goddess, she knows what she wants and gets what she wants. African influences with the stacked up bangles on her arm.  From being the goddess of the Jungles she's eager to venture and conquer more land, that is the dessert. 
Covered in luxury jewels and fabrics, vibrant colors, the monkeys are her ex lovers made to adore their queen.
She's gazing through her army of slaves building her empire.
Her signature bejeweled sunglasses are a part of her image, if taken off her glare is so fierce when in rage can transform you into any animals of the jungle. 

1. Colour - what ideas to you have in relationship to colour, the mood? Edge? 
2. Motif - are there any shapes. Devices, elements you think are worth noting
3. Props - elements to help break down the image
4. Location - absence to location? Location clues you want to interpret
5. Texture and patterns 
6. Choreography - where is she looking, her body language, her gaze, pose? 
7. Casting - why did they choose that specific model? What does she bring? 
8. Lighting - shadows, subtle lighting, flash
9. Typography and composition. 

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