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Sunday, 23 November 2014

This week we had our special guest lecturers come in.. Lord Whitney. 
They specialise in Art and Design/ Set design/ creative directors based in Leeds. Their aesthetic is to be playful and add this fun quality into their work.

Their aim is to create work across a lot of different media, they like to create worlds for people to escape into. 

- Valuable to have a support group outside uni
- Really love and be passionate about your work and never loose your identity
- Going to as much event launches/exhibition launches to gather research and inspiration.
- Worked with cartier
- "made things out of things"


- Think about childhood memories and favourite stories for inspiration
- What are the things that excite you?
- Low tech (the mighty boosh)
- Fine art inspiration : Cindy Sherman
- Reference favourite : writers, photographers, movies, musicians. 
- Narrative your work. Explain your story or influences through my work.

Tim Walker | Jeff Wall | Joseph Cornell | Shona Heath | Peter Blake | Dali

- Think about composition and colour
- Use things for other purposes
- Look at typography to match subject

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Margaret Howell SS15


Masculinity and femininity on the Margaret Howell runway. This show explored roomy menswear silhouettes with pleated trousers, tomboy shorts and Howell’s signature relaxed yet crisp take on the men’s shirt.
Understated and practical. Slicked back low ponytails that seemed to be coming undone, longline bra tops and chic flat espadrille sandals underscored the collection’s nostalgic mid-century mood. 
With its sandy-coloured linens, stone grey tailoring and creamy pleated skirts worn with woolly jumpers, the collection felt like an ode to the natural world, balancing a modernist disposition with a countryside mood – quintessential honest, authentic Margaret Howell.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The BIG IDEA | Michelle Guest lecturer
founder and creative director and CEO of Front Cover cosmetics

Make up was an extension accessory to what we brought on the highstreet / fashion. 
their audience wanted to get the look from magazines i.e smokey eye. 
Front Cover wanted to give them the opportunity to buy make up that taught them make up lessons.
Their audience wanted the "it” looks .. but also wanted the teachings and explore the theories of the product and trend. 

Front Cover aim : transfer fashion trends to make up, in a relevant and teaching way. 
They followed the trends, the idea of when something’s gone, its gone. They adapted around that to their two seasons.
They believed in imagery and they wanted to get across the message in the image by the ‘look’ 

They felt passionate for their products to live up to high end brands, but wanted to keep the price accessible for this consumers.
Front cover Launched in 2008. ( start of economic crisis)
Wanted to stretch the cat walk looks into make up, product names would be inspired by catwalk references i.e looks, textures, colours, fabrics etc.

Taking a wider view in trends general, They did not use any trend houses. 
all competitors are seeing the same information. 
It’s about seeing influences from other sources and making it your own. 

Product innovation and quality are at the heart of the brand. 
Lots of planning, creative direction, editing, modelling, story boarding.
Always keep in mind what your consumer would like and what they would suit. As long as they are happy thats all that matters.

Make sure your brand is not out of sync with the brand image.

Multi channel distribution strategy - launched in Sephora, networking is key. (We are using selective distribution brands)
  • cult beauty range 
Their values:
  • being british
  • being real
  • warm tone of voice
  • high quality
  • accessible
  • stylish
  • passionate
  • always listen from customers, most innovative ideas come from the consumers

Important to edit your information. Vital for consumers to know what the brands about but to cut it down. (what bits make you different to other brands)
  • home down 3 main points that we would say to revive our brand values.
  • what makes you product unique?

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


How old are you? 
  1. 43
  2. 24
  3. mid 20’s 
  4. 30 something
  5. 25

what scents do you like? / are brand names important to you? is so why?
  1. quite floral and fresh  scents as its coming up to summer, not so much as long as its good quality and smells nice
  2. fresh, nothing heavy something that isn’t common. yes but i would purchase independent perfumes, like the ones in liberty.
  3. something modern and soft, in the evening maybe something heavier and musky like Tom Ford. To an extent, personally celebrity fragrances don’t appeal to me.
  4. I personally like aquatic fresh smells. yes, not going to lie i like to show off.
  5. sweet and warm. not necessarily I think its nice to have one brand but the smell is most important!

Does the packaging effect your purchase? big bold brand names or simple and classic? 
  1. if buying for a gift i would like it to be packaged beautifully and classic. 
  2. the packaging in general would draw my attention to the fragrance at first definitely
  3. packaging is a must if I’m buying a perfume around £40/£100. I would want the packaging to reflect the brand
  4. its not my main factor but, id like it to look nice on my dressing table and when i get it out on the tube or train
  5. i don’t like anything fussy, i think keep it simple but looking expensive is key. less is more.

Are you wearing perfume now? if so what?
  1. Guerlain
  2. Miss Dior cherie
  3. Molecule 01
  4. DKNY Be Delicious 
  5. Issey Miyake

Sunday, 11 May 2014



ACNE ADVERTISING: A company that creates business opportunities with strong ideas and innovative communication. Their ambition is to create ideas that spread far beyond bought media space into the everyday lives of our audience.  

1. WHO? Acne Advertising is a member of the Acne Family – a multidisciplinary group of companies where Art and Industry meet.

2.WHAT DO THEY DO? Acne has entered all kinds of communication areas head on. Advertising, design, commercial film production, feature films, tv-formats  online games, web production, mobile phone apps. 

3. STRATEGY? Focused on generating results for clients, they create ideas that spread far beyond bought media space into the everyday lives of their audience, producing ideas with a top-notch attention to detail. Creative scope and production value.

4. PORTFOLIO? They were awarded and featured in places such as Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show, NY Festivals, Eurobest,FWA’s, Creativity Magazine, Les Beaux Arts, Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, Intersection, the blog of Kanye West, and the BBC.