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Monday, 17 March 2014

Monday 17th March | Seminar with Chris 
Feedback from seminar group | Fragrance Presentation

-  Who is your consumer? Are you aiming at a specific audience?
-  What kind of consumers are your brand aiming at?
-  Who are your competitors?
-  How will you market your brand visually? Still with the British theme?
-  Price?
-  What Gender are you aiming to?
-  Have you made a Questionnaire to gather more insightful information and         options?
-  What type of person would want to buy your product?
-  Where would you position yourself in the market?
-  Where would you distribute / sell your product?
-  How will you make people aware of your product?
-  Where do you see yourself in terms of competition?
-  How do you know there is a market for this concept: Justify the idea with secondary research would be good
-  Why are you targeting specifically 26/30’s year olds?
-  What drove your inspiration to call it “Island Water”

- Positive feedback:

- “Really like the story idea, it makes the consumer connect emotionally to the    product, story wasn’t cheesy!”
- "The story concept makes it more personal"
- “Like the idea of bringing more contemporary British heritage to consumers”
- “Strong brand DNA, clear mission”
- “Strong analysis of current market”
- “Visuals work well with theme”

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