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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Seminar with Tim | Mood boards / Research boards

Create a series of Mood boards to display visuals to support primary and secondary.

Consider key pointers from Tim's lecture, gender, age, sec, story, trend, object, range and context, USP 
- Trend
- Market
- consumer
- ideas 

Collate all images and develop / write about your ideas from all these images.
Create a brand logo? Brand identity. 
Think about lines, shapes and signage angles, think about a particular approach will it be a team approach? Specific theme. 

You can use source imagery just consider the balance between own and others.
Colour pallets and constructional detail (graffiti, art work) 

Creativeblog.com/graphic-design mood boards.

Today we are making a research board collating what we have found through our findings and showing primary and secondary research, including photographs that has been taken, textiles found, 4/5 research boards that target specific areas out of the 10 listings. 

1. Story
2. Product design
3. Consumer
4. Environment 

Innovation, finding novel ways to support our concept. 
- Elements

The next stage of the module, will be creating a mood board expressing the mood, concept and a way to show your process. Expressing a specific theme. Considering pattern and texture, motif. Delivering a mood of the concept. 

British fashion is coming back so our aim is to bring back the scent of British!

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