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Friday, 28 March 2014

Lecture with Si | the fragrance brief - towards success

Really go back as a team and look at what is acquired from you.
The opportunity, consumer trends. Industry expertise, legislation, defining your consumer.
Demonstrating the gap in the market 
Bringing your consumer to life

The idea. 
Brand, positioning, identity ( name, logo, colours.)
Essence (brand wheel) 
- trying to engage with brand. 
- spend my time looking over the idea and finding out how you can bring it to life.

Key words for idea:
- original 
- different
- credible
- timely ( content in the world ATM) looking at trends WGSN
- exciting

| Innovation, differentiation, passion |

Price and place
Market - options - future proof : where are we going to be valued in? Speciality 

- Place
Markets - partners - online : understand your market 

Fit in but stand out in a crowded marketplace
Creating a story

Video and magazine advert ( collaboration, bringing people in)
Art direction
Post production 
| looking into your expertise and others |

Keep referring to the learning outcomes. 

- understanding the market and society, where are we at this particular moment in this industry. 
EU regulations are changing so fragrance are changing, people want to know about provenance. Connecting it to the world

- looking back at theory and reading textbooks. Critical analyze, about going back and dig deep about what it is the core proposal. Deeper research

- being timely understanding innovation, tech, what's moving forward. What can go that's going to be really interesting.

- referencing properly, creditable. 

Knowledge and understanding
- making sure you are taking responsibility for credibility 
- making it work visually, making a piece of work stand out
- making ideas credible 
- show working progress, how have you come from here to the finished results. Show your journey.
How you move forward and show your progress 
Using your software skills, good printing, type and proof reading. 
Making it personal and bring it to life.

Be: different, innovative, adventurous, challenging, brave, engaging, proven, inspiring.

Watch.. TedTalks

Monday, 17 March 2014

Monday 17th March | Seminar with Chris 
Feedback from seminar group | Fragrance Presentation

-  Who is your consumer? Are you aiming at a specific audience?
-  What kind of consumers are your brand aiming at?
-  Who are your competitors?
-  How will you market your brand visually? Still with the British theme?
-  Price?
-  What Gender are you aiming to?
-  Have you made a Questionnaire to gather more insightful information and         options?
-  What type of person would want to buy your product?
-  Where would you position yourself in the market?
-  Where would you distribute / sell your product?
-  How will you make people aware of your product?
-  Where do you see yourself in terms of competition?
-  How do you know there is a market for this concept: Justify the idea with secondary research would be good
-  Why are you targeting specifically 26/30’s year olds?
-  What drove your inspiration to call it “Island Water”

- Positive feedback:

- “Really like the story idea, it makes the consumer connect emotionally to the    product, story wasn’t cheesy!”
- "The story concept makes it more personal"
- “Like the idea of bringing more contemporary British heritage to consumers”
- “Strong brand DNA, clear mission”
- “Strong analysis of current market”
- “Visuals work well with theme”

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Maiyet S/S 14

Maiyet is pioneering a new luxury by creating a fashion brand that celebrates rare artisanal skills from unexpected places. 
Maiyet’s uniquely inspired, design driven collection seeks to elevate the next generation of master craftsmen from places such as Colombia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mongolia, and Peru. In addition to sourcing from these global artisans, Maiyet deploys customised training programs that allow its partners to create higher-quality, exceptional product and promote stability and prosperity in their communities.   The collection is timeless and has unparalleled richness and human touch. It is designed for those who recognise quality and seek something special and rare; someone who is captivated by the caliber of design and further inspired by the soul behind the work.

'Our mission is to inspire and excite our nation through fragrance and memories. To see Britain from a fresh and innovative stand point, still keeping our feet on British soil. We are an Island, geographically we stand alone, but in reality we stand together.'

Brand DNA
- We are Great Britain.
- Memories of Britain.
- Emotive connection with the consumer.
- Personal background.
- Cultured
- Revive british 'tradition.'
- Drawing all things British in lifestyle and personality.

Stay away from:
- Quintessential
- Stereotypical

We don't have brand equity, once we do and have established ourselves as a brand we can launch our other 'memories.'

Thursday, 13 March 2014


Key Notes : Draped, wrapped and topped off with monster, caramel coloured furs.
A study in caramel and toffee brown, to sorbet pastels on draped cocktail dresses.

The latest TV ad campaign for Dulux Paint, titled “Prohibition” is a savvy smart approach to promote their products in a captivating story telling way. Based on a story of a woman living in a world where colour has been banned, but finds a way to bring it back in the most dramatic way possible… Below is a preview of the extended 80 second Directors’ Cut.
Based on the idea that our lives are stories and that colour can change the way they unfold, the new campaign endorses a more emotional approach than their previous adverts. Taking stylistic cues from prohibition America, the film tells the story of a couple who find love through colour and demonstrates the transformative power that colour has on people’s lives. I really admire their fun, witty historical referencing to sell their product, making them stand out in the market. 


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Seminar with Tim | 11th March

1. Deconstruct
Think about what was on their mood boards to construct the final piece. What was pinned on the inspirational board.
Learn how to see trend in backgrounds and devices in the image, look at historical references. 
Start grabbing images from the internet that illustrate the campaign you have chosen, what was your visual inspiration? 

2. Build a story
What do you imagine the narrative implies in the story. Get into the heart of the image, pick at the layers.

Exotic Queen/Goddess, that's from another world.. Jungle goddess, she knows what she wants and gets what she wants. African influences with the stacked up bangles on her arm.  From being the goddess of the Jungles she's eager to venture and conquer more land, that is the dessert. 
Covered in luxury jewels and fabrics, vibrant colors, the monkeys are her ex lovers made to adore their queen.
She's gazing through her army of slaves building her empire.
Her signature bejeweled sunglasses are a part of her image, if taken off her glare is so fierce when in rage can transform you into any animals of the jungle. 

1. Colour - what ideas to you have in relationship to colour, the mood? Edge? 
2. Motif - are there any shapes. Devices, elements you think are worth noting
3. Props - elements to help break down the image
4. Location - absence to location? Location clues you want to interpret
5. Texture and patterns 
6. Choreography - where is she looking, her body language, her gaze, pose? 
7. Casting - why did they choose that specific model? What does she bring? 
8. Lighting - shadows, subtle lighting, flash
9. Typography and composition. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Seminar with Tim and Steven Wallis | case studies

1. Honesty
2. Purity
3. Indulgence - link to perfume 
4. Sensuality
5. Tradition 
6. Heritage 
7. Kitsch
8. Wit
9. Desire 

- Product, innovation and humor 
Reassurance, playful and curiosity, nostalgia, timelessness, mother love (cocoon, safety)
Smart packaging, making it look cool and a form of expression. 
Integrity and transparency - where brands become more honest - portray a mum friendly feel.

Consider font and colour palettes. 
Out of sector ideas and bring it into your own sector.  

Virtual reality - world of new young generation, 3D life, 
Vivid colors - exotic fruits
Black - dark, sultry, forbidden
Recoded world - fresh, re invented, modernist. 
Playfulness - fun, carefree, energy, noisy, 
Art & counterculture - street art, collision with music and style

(Watch Blingring)
- Check out Absolute, the history of the brand for reflective journal

In our research boards, be more critic about the issues in the perfume market.

Key consideration is the equity pyramid, what's the brands purpose? Take this and interpret it.
Define our key words and narrative for out brand, we need to consider 5/8 words to describe our brands DNA. 

| For next Thurs :  | 
Identify 5 key words for our brand, find a recipe out of those words to create a tone of voice for our brand, investigate those words and what their meanings are.

Look at all the ways the word can be used. 
Look at historical context, can be key images, icons and importance, symbols 

Rethink of interpretations I.e characteristics of 'Fresh' - links to emotions and feelings
Cultural references, think about their difference and how the product can be used in both markets.

What can it stretch to become? What can it involve into in a few years time? 
 Empowerment | self help, strong! taking control, evolving who you are, confidence. 

- Using artistic ways to show cultural reference. 

Stereotypes and roles, the colour of pink, emotional insecurity, celebrity obsessed, glamour obsession. Take the common trend into a post modern approach. Women are powerful figure heads. 
Art + Fashion 

Bridget jones - typical British woman 

From and to : 

Indulgence -
Galaxy / woman by herself
Spa days / wowcher
Twinings teas / contemporary fruit teas.. Lost heritage 
M&S ad campaigns / rich supermarket product, object of desire. 
Tend to be woman in media, women are represented by. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Group sesh | ISLAND WATER

What do we stand for? Our VALUES : British Heritage, camaraderie (coming together)
Brand strapline : 
No one is an Island  = British quote
-  No one is self-sufficient and everyone relies on the other for successful survival. 
Tone of voice : 
- wit, charm, whimsical, clever sense of humor, intelligent 

Theme : Memories of Britain > islands (sea side) > surroundings > lifestyle > eras > people

- ask about consumer area, who are we targeting? Men and women? 

A journey starting from the beach, to the fields, town, city.. Etc. each stops will confirm new scents and stories through smell of each surrounding. Then in years to come we could develop and expand inspired by environmental changes. 
Understated coolness, nothing too busy and complicated. Nothing too try hard. Effortless

Seaside elements 
- salty air
- rocks, pebbles
- candy floss, fish and ships
- seashells 
- fair ground elements                
- Mr Whippy (ice cream van )
- sun cream
- seaweed

City elements
- rain
- concrete
- coffee brew
- smoke
- busses 
- tourist
- restaurant scents
- underground tubes
- Newspaper 
- exhaust fumes

- tea
- trees
- hay
- grass
- Wellies
- Barbour jacket wax / Tweed
- sweet meadow
- lakes
- dew
- woods
- botanical
- lavender 

Guest Lecturer with Steven Wallis | taste billion

Starting up a business is a full time job, have to be on it 24/7
What is Taste Billion? 
Tastes billion is a Promise for clients of how to make a product come to life with taste and flavours.  
Brings together semiotics, help brands to shape cultural insights.
It's one thing to produce in sight, the key is to bring and connect your idea with the consumer, how are your consumers going to love it? 
Graduated from saint martins, went into brand strategy with food and design. 
Great to change the media you work with, bring in different people based in different areas to help your idea come alive. 

Influence to take into consideration : 
Brand - equity/ DNA / positioning/ premise

- Transform tangible ideas into intangible realities. 
- Research semiotics for British Heritage / Islands

Theirs primary insight methodology : semiotics 
The process of decoding sensory stimulus to build a hypothesis, bring culture to make a visual from apps, food, culture, magazines, typography.

Semiotics is all about meaning and decoding that meaning, whether it's design, a message etc, has a cultural anchor. Trends looks more at the femmeral ideas and concepts becomes mainstream. Residual ( yesterday / today / dated) Dominant - Emergent

Equity pyramid : 
Purpose - Equity Statement - Point of difference - Brand character

Look at Pleasure with Philadelphia, 
Creative & activation > ideation > touch point activation > innovation > creative strategy and recoding

The main key things is rooting ideas and bringing it together. Look at different concepts categories to build ideas also look at areas of promotion

Synthesis part : collate a wall of ideas from tear sheets or what not, to help start build a relationship.. Then think can you fit a consumer need? a cultural need? Then build up to create a idea and desire.


Lab series project - like Clinique for men 
Less of a beauty product more of a lifestyle needs. 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Seminar with Tim | Mood boards / Research boards

Create a series of Mood boards to display visuals to support primary and secondary.

Consider key pointers from Tim's lecture, gender, age, sec, story, trend, object, range and context, USP 
- Trend
- Market
- consumer
- ideas 

Collate all images and develop / write about your ideas from all these images.
Create a brand logo? Brand identity. 
Think about lines, shapes and signage angles, think about a particular approach will it be a team approach? Specific theme. 

You can use source imagery just consider the balance between own and others.
Colour pallets and constructional detail (graffiti, art work) 

Creativeblog.com/graphic-design mood boards.

Today we are making a research board collating what we have found through our findings and showing primary and secondary research, including photographs that has been taken, textiles found, 4/5 research boards that target specific areas out of the 10 listings. 

1. Story
2. Product design
3. Consumer
4. Environment 

Innovation, finding novel ways to support our concept. 
- Elements

The next stage of the module, will be creating a mood board expressing the mood, concept and a way to show your process. Expressing a specific theme. Considering pattern and texture, motif. Delivering a mood of the concept. 

British fashion is coming back so our aim is to bring back the scent of British!