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Thursday, 15 May 2014

The BIG IDEA | Michelle Guest lecturer
founder and creative director and CEO of Front Cover cosmetics

Make up was an extension accessory to what we brought on the highstreet / fashion. 
their audience wanted to get the look from magazines i.e smokey eye. 
Front Cover wanted to give them the opportunity to buy make up that taught them make up lessons.
Their audience wanted the "it” looks .. but also wanted the teachings and explore the theories of the product and trend. 

Front Cover aim : transfer fashion trends to make up, in a relevant and teaching way. 
They followed the trends, the idea of when something’s gone, its gone. They adapted around that to their two seasons.
They believed in imagery and they wanted to get across the message in the image by the ‘look’ 

They felt passionate for their products to live up to high end brands, but wanted to keep the price accessible for this consumers.
Front cover Launched in 2008. ( start of economic crisis)
Wanted to stretch the cat walk looks into make up, product names would be inspired by catwalk references i.e looks, textures, colours, fabrics etc.

Taking a wider view in trends general, They did not use any trend houses. 
all competitors are seeing the same information. 
It’s about seeing influences from other sources and making it your own. 

Product innovation and quality are at the heart of the brand. 
Lots of planning, creative direction, editing, modelling, story boarding.
Always keep in mind what your consumer would like and what they would suit. As long as they are happy thats all that matters.

Make sure your brand is not out of sync with the brand image.

Multi channel distribution strategy - launched in Sephora, networking is key. (We are using selective distribution brands)
  • cult beauty range 
Their values:
  • being british
  • being real
  • warm tone of voice
  • high quality
  • accessible
  • stylish
  • passionate
  • always listen from customers, most innovative ideas come from the consumers

Important to edit your information. Vital for consumers to know what the brands about but to cut it down. (what bits make you different to other brands)
  • home down 3 main points that we would say to revive our brand values.
  • what makes you product unique?

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