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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Lecture | The campaign process

From insight to idea, integrated communication, Logic, formula for communications. 
Identify who we are as a brand, as a platform. 
Brand truth, creative platform, creative prospersition, (gives you logo)

Think about what we stand for, smells.. Value.. Service
Brain storm all our brand values and bring it to all together

Perceptual map, (desire / substance)
Pen portraits ( consumer insight)
Understanding consumer behaviour! How would they react to a certain product or message.
What brands to they buy, dislike.
Every day aesthetics. 
BACK UP WITH RESEARCH, what techniques we have used!! 

Sigma research : link lifestyle to collective hold, look at identity into graphs, 
Do they live in a postmodern or socio life? 

Positioning maps, lifestyle, what brands they aspire to buy, if they were a car what car would they be?

Look at : Brand psychology 
What do you know about the segment, economic situation, brand DNA, link how they all come together
Think about who we are trying to be and what we stand for.
Branding position : tone of voice
Show how our insides and how does it apply to our subject.
Creative propersition : to inspire creative concepts that can illustrate  a powerful yet simple expression.
Create a SPRINGBOARD into our process to help the creative teams get a idea.
Scale intimacy, you need to attract a broad group of people, emotionally. Understand their personal lives.
Needs to align to their local passions. But also broad enough to reach others.

Channel mix 
consumer purchase funnel 
TV > Print > celeb, influencers, bloggers, video content, fans, social> 

Call to action : 3 click rule, engage and make it simple. Make it easy for people to use our site! 

Do we want to create a exclusive feel of our launch event? Creatively what can we do to make sure they have a amazing journey through our brand, ( samples giveaway?)

Think about where our consumer will see out campaign showed, where are they when they see out campaign ( call to action)
Make sure we think about each panel in their channels.

Consumer generated content, EARN MEDIA, people who want to upload stuff and share your brand. PAYED MEDIA
Mobile marketing!
Kellogg's tweet shop!
Soho London, 
Relied on people to share and generate engagement, how do we make people generate content from it? 

Evaluation : think about how we will evaluate our launch. Make sure it will be successful, pre launch evaluations and post evaluation! 
Think about if our consumer likes what they see!  

Nike make it count campaign
Make it relevant to them, at a individual level what makes it relevant to you as a person. They then started thinking about it in store interaction. Interactive people in a personal level, based on insight.
Ran two types if events, photography exhibition in East London, high profile event but very niche. Open to public to see. 

Launch events for PR

Online communications, consumers
Providing content, start off with celebrities to upload content to generate public to follow. 
Start thinking about it as one whole campaign.

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