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Saturday, 10 May 2014

SEMINAR WITH SI | Who do you believe?

Breaking news story 
  • Official / reliable twitter accounts (SKY news, BBC,) as opposed to Daily Mail | Official news Apps
  • Newspaper ( THE Guardian)
  • News on TV, Radio : opposed to journalists
New Trends
  • Fashion magazine : Vogue, Harpers Bazaar etc.
  • Well known bloggers
  • Instagram accounts 
  • Websites such WGSN, Business of fashion 
  • More reliable than Topshop apps, as they aim to sell you stock of their own. (creating their own trends)
  • Read The Tipping point.
Product Launch 
  • Youtube videos ( accounts that publish sneak previews) (Vloggers, bloggers that review products) 
  • official website of the brand & their social media platforms they are accociated with.
  • live launches
  • word of mouth 
  • TV 

identify 3 different sources from the Newspaper.
Daily Mirror : 
Starbucks ad : written by Lisa robinson, worker for Starbucks stating benefits of drink. - fed into publication, creates editorial
NCS Summer item

ABC : national dailys on the guardian. 
look at abc figures on vogue, elle etc. ( stats, figures, media) 

Create a PR campaign for: 
Nottingham - city of culture
  • food festival / music 
  • outside market square.
  • promotion on social media, outdoor advertisement, leaflets sent to homes, posters (guerrilla marketing) 
  • Nottingham castle/ woolaton park

where does the hook come from, to create your story how are you going to make it credible?

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