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Sunday, 4 May 2014

In this beautiful story photographed by  Carl Kleiner the selected fragrances were broken down to their individual notes using the fragrance pyramid, the pyramidical compositions visually describe the fragrances over time from top through to base notes.
I thought this would be a different and innovative approach to use for Island Water photo shoot campaign as it's low budget but visually effective. 

From top to bottom : 
Chanel / No 5 – Ylang ylang, neroli, lemon, iris, vanilla, sandalwood and amber.
 Tom Ford / Sahara Noir – Bitter orange, rose petal, cinnamon, honey, incense, vanilla, cedar. 
Creed / Silver Mountain Water – Bergamot, blackcurrant, mandarin, green tea, petitgrain, sandalwood.

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