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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Seminar | Turning your creative concept into a campaign. (Creating an effective print ad and a vine video)

What do we need to create an effective photo shoot? 
1. Photographer : what do we want to achieve? What's the look and feel - fashion, lifestyle or still life? Consider the budget and buyout requirements 

2. Consider CGI : will it benefit the creative and is it required? What are the strengths and weakness? What are the costs? 

3. Do we need a producer to help organise the shoot or an art director to help you deliver your concept? - they can help with managing our budget, pre and post production. 

4. Location or studio? Build Vs location. Consider pros and cons

5. Props : Will these be required and will they be beneficial?

6. Models : are they required? Budget and buyout requirements will be accounted for. Create a model brief for the model agencies and organise a casting.

7. Styling : consider employing a stylist, how will the add to the creative, create a styling brief so the stylist is completely aware of our requirements. 

8. Hair and makeup: Crete a brief so the stylist are aware of the look we want to achieve.

9. Post production. Do we require photographic retouching and post production facilities?

A helpful document which will help on the shoot. A document that is a summary of each shot along with the objectives your aiming to achieve. It contains visuals of our campaign along with props, models  and products being photographed. 

Think about what we need when designing our vine video.
1. Video Vs GIF 
2. Create a story board or shot list: this can help you visualise the video
3. Consider music and audio.

Think about your concept behind the decisions you are making to justify your choices. 

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